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Why Become a Member

ICA is the non-profit trade association representing all segments of the professional car wash industry in North America and around the globe. While your participation in ICA events and programs make it possible for us to continue provide first class offerings, your membership allows ICA to advocate on behalf of the industry as a powerful voice to consumers, regulators, and the automotive industry. Support the industry by supporting ICA and become part of the collective voice of professional car washing.   

Benefits of Membership

In addition to receiving access to weekly news updates, ICA members have access to ICA research (such as Consumer Studies, Water Use Study, human resources and safety studies), the Vehicle Technology Portal, HR consulting, WaterSavers materials, and scholarships. Members of ICA also receive a membership decal, subscription to the award-winning CAR WASH Magazine, plus a special gift!

What Others are Saying

“ICA is a crucial partner inside our industry. Their constant involvement in improving the overall quality and reputation of our industry is simply invaluable.”
John Roush, CEO, Express Wash Concepts & Managing Partner, Moo Moo Express Car Wash

“ICA's advocacy for both its member companies and for vehicle owners is making a real difference in the automotive industry as vehicle manufacturers become aware of the impact of ADAS technology on car wash operation. After a concerted communication effort, we are now seeing the first vehicle designs incorporating a car wash mode function that sets the vehicle for the car wash at the push of a button.”
Derek Kaufman, Managing Partner, Schwartz Advisors

“ICA has been a primary partner to car wash owners and suppliers for the last 50+ years. Our trade association is unique compared to other industries in that the owners and suppliers share authority in the management, which has allowed us to blossom over the last decade. ICA has provided a venue for networking, new product development, improved management skills, and data gathering, all of which we rely on to grow our business.”
Brian Krusz, Founder, Sgt. Clean’s Car Wash

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The Century Club is an EXCLUSIVE opportunity for vendors in the car wash segment to raise their profile, build their brand and reach new customers throughout the year while aligning themselves with a global industry association – the International Carwash Association.