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When you join International Carwash Association, you're joining a community of the best car wash professionals in the world.  Join us, and we'll help you bring your "A" game with best-in-class resources, learning and support.


This is Your Story

CAR WASH Magazine™ is an award-winning publication that puts you at the center of the story. Each issue highlights the unique people in the industry, explores big ideas and inspiration, and gives you something you can use in your business today to be better tomorrow.

As a member, you exclusively receive all four print annual issue at your door, making sure you always have the latest insights.



Research Just for You

Pulse™ is International Carwash Association’s proprietary research brand. Its mission is to help you grow your business by giving you access to timely consumer and industry data and actionable insights that keep you out in front of the competition.

Each month, ICA delivers research-based content for you to enhance your knowledge on trends in the industry and those to watch that may impact you and your business.

Plus, we continue with enhanced consumer research and our ongoing sentiment surveys to gauge overall market sentiment from both the retail operator and supplier sides of the industry.



Your Next Big Idea

Pitch™ delivers you short presentations from companies showing off their latest products and technology. This is where you find out about new technology like video intelligence platforms, membership management platforms, the newest chemistry innovations and more.

With a library of past sessions and exclusive access to live webinars throughout the year, you have a unique advantage when it comes to generating your next big idea.





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