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Quarterly industry and consumer insights from International Carwash Association.


Knowing your customers' behavior is only the first step.

What would motivate them to visit more often, become a member or stay a member? What would motivate new customers to visit your store? How do your results compare to the industry?

ICA's Pulse reports help you answer these questions and more with original primary research delivered each quarter.

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The Pulse Report is produced four times a year, containing the latest information on retailer and supplier sentiment, expectations and growth projections, as well as highlights from ICA's most recent consumer research and key economic indicators.

What's inside?

Complimentary copies of The Pulse Report are included with an ICA membership subscription. Existing members may request a copy of The Pulse Report by contacting

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Sneak Peek Into The Pulse Report

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Get the Pulse of the Industry
In-depth analysis on both the retail and supplier side when it comes to year-end growth projections, revenue expectations and industry-wide challenges.

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The Consumer Pulse
An integral piece of car wash market research is taking a deep look into how the consumer is feeling in between economic volatility, rising prices and pressure on discretionary income.

Pulse is powered by industry and research experts.