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Looking for the latest information about today's car wash consumer? You're in the right place! The latest Car Wash Consumer Study provides everything you need to learn more about consumer attitudes and behaviors around using a professional car wash.

About the Survey

Since the mid-1990s, International Carwash Association has conducted a national survey of U.S. car owners about their car washing habits. For the 2022 edition, data was gathered from an online survey fielded to ~1,800 respondents to own or lease a vehicle who were 18 years or older.

Consistent with recent editions and in order to track trends over time, the study is organized into four key areas of learning:

  • Incidence. How has the mix of DIY versus DIFM car washing changed?
  • Value. What do consumers most value in car wash services?
  • Barriers. What would make consumers want to wash, or wash more often at a car wash?
  • Differentiation. What factors influence preference in one car wash over another?

What's New

The 2022 edition features an expanded focus on subscription wash programs, which was added for the first time in 2019. Notable changes were found in the percentage of customers who washed in the past year, the percentage of customers that used a professional car wash most often and in overall satisfaction compared to ten leading retail business categories.

Sample data

These infographics highlight some of the most interesting and high-level findings from the study. They’re available for download now, and are from the summary version:

Standard Summary Report

The 28 page report includes all top-level findings. 


Table of Contents - Summary


Full Report with Segmentation

This is the complete study, all 80 pages of study results. Also included is:

  • The 28 page summary report
  • Segment: Total PRO Most Often vs. In-Bay Automatic/Rollover Most Often
  • Segment: Total PRO Most Often vs. Exterior Most Often
  • Segment: Total PRO Most Often vs. Full-Service Most Often
  • Segment: Total PRO Most Often vs. Hand Wash Most Often
  • Segment: Total PRO Most Often vs. Self-Service Most Often