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Hall Of Fame


International Carwash Association Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame Award is the highest recognition bestowed upon an individual for his or her contributions to the professional car wash industry. Typically, one or two recipients are identified each year, but there is no requirement that the award be granted every year. Nominations are solicited from the industry and membership, but the winner need not be chosen from those nominations. Also, the number of nominations that a candidate may receive should not impact the decision, so as to prevent the award from being influenced by campaigning or simple “popularity contests.” The award has, and may, be award posthumously.

The general evaluation criteria are as follows. A candidate does not necessarily need to excel in every category, but the following are used as guidelines.

  • Leadership. The candidate should be widely recognized as a successful leader in their market or field, or have successfully led their organization to a leadership position.
  • Collaboration. The candidate should have demonstrated a willingness to help others be successful in the car wash business.
  • Industry Support. The candidate should have served on car wash association boards or committees, or supported industry programs (e.g. philanthropic initiatives like Grace for Vets).
  • Longevity. The candidate should have established a “full career” in the car wash business.
  • Innovation. The candidate should have brought new thinking, ideas or products/processes to the car wash business.

Please use the form below to nominate someone to be considered for Hall of Fame induction. The letter of nomination should provide a full view of the nominee's qualifications, particularly the criteria above. Nominations may be received at any point in the year, and selections will usually be made approximately 60 days prior to The Car Wash Show.