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Leading car wash industry suppliers.

AMP Memberships

AMP Memberships empowers each car wash with its own custom-branded and configured smartphone app, plus a full suite of tools that drive membership growth, member retention, and targeted marketing. AMP Memberships is the ultimate solution for any car wash looking to make data-driven decisions, slash churn, and enhance customer experience.

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Travis Barnaby |

Amplify Car Wash Advisors

With a true passion for the industry and advocacy for car wash owners, the unmatched team at Amplify bridges the gap between car wash operations and investment banking to help owners maximize the value of their car wash when they are looking to sell, partner, or grow their business.

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Lanese Barnett |

Arcadian Services

Headquartered in Florence, Alabama for over 40 years, Arcadian Services is an American, family owned and operated chemical manufacturer. We focus on formulating and manufacturing quality products in the USA, as well as customizing formulations tailored to our customers' needs. and to supply them with the best leading-edge chemistry.

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Kipp Kofsky |

Ardent Advisory

At Ardent Advisory Group, we look first to understand our clients’ strategic objectives, and then execute a plan to serve those individual objectives. Alongside transaction consideration, we understand that timing, tax issues, future involvement, legacy of the business, and other factors vary according to each client’s particular situation.

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Jordan Geotas |

Car Wash Advisory

As a leading car wash broker and Mergers and Acquisitions Advisor, we're a full-service one-stop-shop for your car wash needs. Being true industry specialists and experts, we take great pride in everything we do and take confidence in our level of expertise in the car wash industry.

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Robin Sisk |

Car Wash Superstore

Car Wash Superstore is a retail supplier of car wash parts, supplies, chemicals, and vending. We are a stocking distributor for Sonny's, MacNeil, Motor City, and other major OEMs.Car Wash Superstore also offers an exclusive Elite Club membership. With the Elite Club, you can get free shipping on EVERYTHING!

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Ray Stimmer |


For more than 30 years, DRB® has driven unprecedented growth in the car wash industry with POS business optimization solutions. We’ve continued the tradition through continuous development and acquisition. With a premier portfolio of business optimization solutions, we support the needs of car washers, wherever they are in their journey.

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Rich Hays |


EverWash is reimagining car washing by providing differentiated, human-centered experiences for our wash partners and their members. We offer the right support to ensure success and provide tools and resources that help washes thrive in a competitive industry. Our mission is to make car washing delightful for everyone.

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Mike Stern |

G&G Industrial Lighting

G&G Industrial Lighting is an American manufacturer of LED lighting engineered specifically for the harsh environment of a car wash. The waterproof, corrosion-resistant housings are made to withstand constant humidity, direct spray & chemicals of the wash atmosphere. From bright white to color-changing lighting effects, G&G's got you covered.

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Jeff Farrington |

Gallop Brush

Our products are designed to enhance the quality and satisfaction of every carwash customer we supply. We aim to enhance your carwash operations by offering seamless end user installations and continual product improvements. You can trust us to be the carwash industry’s leading innovators of cloth and foam brush replacement.

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Ted Yamin, Jr.  |

Mark VII

Mark VII Equipment is the world's largest manufacturer of car wash equipment, everyday we help car wash operators, convenience store owners, and auto dealerships grow their business. We're your partner every step of the way, from prospecting, equipment selection and installation, to service, chemicals, marketing and more.

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Luke Schoenbeck |


In today’s rapidly changing Car Wash and Quick Lube industry, Micrologic Associates leads the way with innovative products and services that are shaping the future of tomorrow. We believe that with the right technology – and the right people – our possibilities are endless. Let's change your ideas into solutions!

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Dean Lecky |


National Carwash Solutions, North America's leading carwash service and systems provider, is best known for quality and innovation. Our end-to-end bundled solutions include trusted brands: MacNeil, Ryko, Vacutech, Armor All Professional®, and Rain-X®. No matter who you are, NCS is on a mission to make your life better through car washing.

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Alison Tilley |

OPW Vehicle Wash Solutions

Formed by the combination of legendary brands, we are inspired by the power of partnerships. From our sister brands and valued associates to our distributors, car wash owners and industry partners, we are committed to working together to create significant revenue expansion for our customers and unforgettable end user experiences.

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Allen Luce | is the most advanced location analytics platform describing physical locations, the people and businesses that interact with them, and the markets they inhabit. With an uncompromising commitment to privacy, Placer empowers thousands of organizations to analyze consumer behavior, understand market trends, and optimize critical business decisions.

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Ryan Owens |

Qual Chem

Since 2004, Qual Chem chemistry has earned a reputation as one the premier chemical suppliers in the industry offering top quality and service. Qual Chem products give operators complete control of their chemistry, allowing them to produce the results they need at the costs they want while being environmentally responsible.

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Ryan Molinelli |

Rinsed: The Car Wash CRM

Rinsed is The Car Wash CRM that lets you manage all of your customer interactions in a single place. Rinsed integrates directly with the leading POS systems to allow car washes to automatically grow and retain their memberships. Currently, Rinsed helps over 1,200 car washes manage over 3.5 million memberships.

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Sam Pittenger |


SoBrite is the solution for your water treatment needs. We design and manufacture reclaim, odor control, spot-free, and water delivery systems to meet the demands of your car wash. An industry leader since 1975, our reputation is established upon honest business practices, delivering high-quality products, and providing industry leading support.

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Kasie Ruder |

Sonny's The CarWash Factory

Forward thinking professional car wash investors partner with Sonny’s because of our total offering, leadership, and ability to deliver. When car wash investors choose Sonny’s, they are aligning their business with a team of experts that can help them get their unfair share.

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Ron Lick |

Stinger Chemical

For over 34 years, Stinger® Chemical has proven to be one of the country’s dynamic automotive chemical companies. Our company specializes in manufacturing and supplying a complete line of automotive and aftermarket chemicals for the car care professional, including reconditioning products, car wash chemistry, automotive chemistry, and equipment.

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Kate Almanza |

The Insurancenter

The Insurancenter Car Wash Insurance Program is the carwash industry’s insurance expert since 1986. Understanding all facets of your car wash enables us to develop a strategic, comprehensive insurance plan that addresses the unique insurance needs of car wash operations. Innovative insurance solutions benefitting all aspects of your business.

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Kimberly Grizzle |

Tommy Car Wash Systems

As the car wash industry’s most innovative and fastest-growing organization, we’re pioneering our groundbreaking model of start-to-finish support with our decades of industry expertise and vision. Beginning in 1969, the family of companies behind Tommy’s Express and Tommy Car Wash Systems celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2019.

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Washworld, Inc.

Washworld, Inc. proudly manufactures dependable in-bay automatic vehicle wash systems. Touch-free car wash options include Razor, Razor XR-7, Razor EDGE and Razor Double Barrel; and soft touch options include Profile MAX, Profile ST and Profile LXR.

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Richard Andreas |