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Leading car wash industry suppliers.

Amplify Car Wash Advisors

M&A, capital advisory, and operational advisory firm helping car wash owners maximize value when selling or scaling their business.

For Sales:
Lanese Barnett |

AVW Equipment Company

AVW is a family-owned company that believes in manufacturing innovative car washing equipment and building long-term, mutually beneficial business relationships with our customers. From repairing car wash equipment to becoming a leading global manufacturer of car wash systems, our business philosophy has remained constant: simplify the design and use high-quality materials to build reliable and durable car wash components.

For sales:

Danka Dubak |

Arcadian Services LLC

Headquartered in Florence, Alabama for over 40 years, Arcadian Services is an American, family owned and operated chemical manufacturer. We focus on formulating and manufacturing quality products in the USA, as well as customizing formulations tailored to our customers' needs. and to supply them with the best leading-edge chemistry.

For Sales:

Kipp Kofsky |

Ardent Advisory Group, LLC

At Ardent Advisory Group, we look first to understand our clients’ strategic objectives, and then execute a plan to serve those individual objectives. Alongside transaction consideration, we understand that timing, tax issues, future involvement, legacy of the business, and other factors vary according to each client’s particular situation.

For Sales:

Nick Rossi |

Car Wash Advisory

As a leading car wash broker and Mergers and Acquisitions Advisor, we're a full-service one-stop-shop for your car wash needs. Being true industry specialists and experts, we take great pride in everything we do and take confidence in our level of expertise in the car wash industry.

For Sales:

Robin Sisk |

Car Wash Superstore/National Pride Equipment

Car Wash Superstore is a retail supplier of car wash parts, supplies, chemicals, and vending. We are a stocking distributor for Sonny's, MacNeil, Washworld, Motor City, and other major OEMs.

For Sales:

Janessa Kipp |

D & S Carwash Equipment

For over 50 Years, D&S has been recognized as a vehicle wash industry leader among equipment manufacturers. Our products are built with simplicity in mind - easy to install & maintain - and to provide the highest quality wash possible every single time.

For Sales:

Ken Underhill |


From groundbreaking point-of-sale technology to inventive marketing automation, DRB enables data-led business decisions and scalability that helps car washes thrive and deliver extraordinary customer experiences. Choosing DRB means connecting with a partner that is committed to car wash business success.

For Sales:

Catherine Craft |

DRN/Motorola Solutions

DRN specializes in cutting-edge LPR Data & Analytics solutions, offering invaluable insights for car wash businesses. Imagine effortlessly obtaining customer information like names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, and insights into store visits – a game-changer for targeted marketing campaigns. Elevate your car wash business and turn every pass-by vehicle into a customer.

For Sales:

Faisal Khan |

Eastern Funding

Eastern Funding is a leading financial lender to the car wash industry. We offer financing for car wash equipment, acquisitions and commercial real estate. We also offer options for refinancing existing car wash loans.

For Sales:

Jeff Bodvake |



Is your car wash facing challenges like competition and unpredictable weather? Membership is the key to sustainable revenue and customer loyalty. EverWash offers a comprehensive car wash membership solution that works with any equipment or wash system.

For Sales:

Chris Villella |

Genesis Building Systems, LLC

Genesis Modular Carwash Building Systems is your one stop solution for your carwash building needs. The Genesis System is designed exclusively for the harsh environment of a car wash. Unlike any other car wash building, the Genesis System arrives on your site complete. The only true modular car wash.

For Sales:

Shawn McGovern |


Mark VII Equipment

As the North America subsidiary of WashTec AG, the world leader in innovative carwash technology, Mark VII Equipment Inc. supplies systems for every need and requirement, from gantry carwashes to conveyor tunnel systems to self service carwashes.

For Sales:

Josephine Conte |


Micrologic stands committed to delivering the innovations that our customers require, ensuring they remain at the forefront of technological progress, which allows us to develop and offer complete Revenue Management Solutions and Controls designed to make your business more efficient and effective

For Sales:

Dean Lecky |

Motor City Wash Works, Inc.

Motor City Wash Works, Inc. is your premier conveyorized car wash manufacturer. We are “On the Move” and have increased our capacity 3x over the last 5 years and we’ve grown to become one of the industry’s most respected leaders, trusted by numerous satisfied customers around the world.

For Sales:

James Utterback |



National Carwash Solutions is North America’s leading carwash provider. Starting as Ryko Manufacturing in 1973, we’ve grown to lead the industry in carwash equipment, full-spectrum service and sustainable chemistry. A lot has changed since 1973, but our core values remain the same. NCS will always be committed to hard work, quality, and innovation.

For Sales:

NCS Sales |

OPW Vehicle Wash Solutions

Formed by the combination of three legendary brands, OPW Vehicle Wash Solutions is inspired by the power of partnerships. From our sister brands and valued associates to our revered distributors and industry partners, we are committed to working together to create significant revenue expansion for you and unforgettable wash experiences for your customers. We’re deeply proud of our industry and energized by what’s to come.

For Sales:

Sheryl Turner |

Qual Chem LLC

Qual Chem was created by a car wash operator who didn't like the limitations of chemistry in the industry. We are invested in our customers' success and would love to be a part of your washes' success story. Qual Chem products give operators complete control of their chemistry, allowing them to produce the results they need at the costs they want.

For Sales:

Claudia Crea |

Rinsed: The Car Wash CRM

Rinsed is The Car Wash CRM. Rinsed integrates directly with your POS and website, so all of your customer data, marketing tools, and business metrics are in one easy-to-use platform. Rinsed works with over 1,800 car washes to help power their membership growth.

For Sales:

Jacob Azia |

SoBrite Technologies

Providing systems for water reclaim, RO, water softeners, repressure pumps, and booster pumps, SoBrite has the equipment to make your wash even more dynamic, effective, and profitable.

For Sales:

Kasie Ruder |

Sonny's The CarWash Factory

Sonny's is the world's largest manufacturer of conveyorized car wash equipment, parts, and supplies. Car wash new investors and existing operators partner with Sonny's because of Sonny's total offering, market leadership, and industry expertise.

For Sales:

Kelly Sakowicz |

Tommy Car Wash Systems

As the car wash industry’s most innovative and fastest-growing organization, we’re pioneering our groundbreaking model of start-to-finish support with our decades of industry expertise and vision. Beginning in 1969, the family of companies behind Tommy’s Express and Tommy Car Wash Systems celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2019.

For Sales:

Sydney Trapp |

Washworld, Inc.

Washworld, Inc. proudly manufactures dependable in-bay automatic vehicle wash systems. Touch-free car wash options include Razor, Razor XR-7, Razor EDGE and Razor Double Barrel; and soft touch options include Profile MAX, Profile ST and Profile LXR, along with the new Profile® Apex which gives you the best of both worlds by giving you the freedom to offer totally touch-free experience, entirely soft touch experience or a hybrid combination of both.

For Sales:

Rich Andreas |


OptSpot helps your car wash attract more customers, convert more monthly members, and increase your revenue with simple, done-for-you marketing solutions. Imagine more people choosing your car wash every time. We're your strategic marketing partner, making sure you stand out and succeed.

For Sales:

Zach Davis |