How WaterSavers® Works

To earn the WaterSavers® designation, a car wash must:

Water Quality Criteria

  • Route all water discharge to a treatment facility or leech/septic field.
  • Have a backflow prevention device installed and operable on the potable water supply.
  • The car wash must meet all local effluent criteria.

Water Conservation Criteria

  • For conveyorized or in-bay/roll-over washes, use an average of no more than 40 gallons (151.5 liters) of potable/fresh water per car.
  • Use spray nozzles with maximum water efficiency and inspect the nozzles annually.
  • For self-serve washes, maintain high-pressure wash nozzles and pump systems that use less than 3 gallons (11.4 liters) per minute.
  • Keep water-saving devices at original or improved specifications.
  • Re-use spot-free reverse osmosis concentrate ("reject") in the wash process (if such a system is installed).

Each participating car wash must annually reaffirm that it is meeting the above criteria, including inspection by a licensed plumber or distributor member.