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WaterSavers washes are good for the Earth

WaterSavers® is an International Carwash Association® program designed to help professional car washes promote their environmentally responsible business practices. It is open to all car washes meeting the following program criteria.


Pavement Pollutes!

Did you know that when you wash your car at home, the run off carries the grime and chemicals into the soil and storm drains that empty into our rivers? At our wash, we make sure we always filter our water before it goes out into the environment!


Positive Impact

By reducing water pollution in our communities and by using less water per wash, we are protecting our steams, rivers and water tables. By supporting this WaterSavers® wash, you’re doing your part for a cleaner, healthier world!


Recycle & Reuse!

A large percentage of our water is filtered and reused in subsequent washes. This means we use less water overall, and since it’s cleaned before it touches your car, you still get  the same great clean! 


Quality Clean

Through our innovative techniques, we use an average of no more than 40 gallons (151.5 liters) of fresh water per car. That’s less than most washing machines! Yet you still get the same quality clean that you’ve come to expect — it’s innovation you can use!