The Car Wash Show

PITCH Theatre

Learn more on the trade show floor

Time is valuable, so make the most of yours with our new PITCH Theatre. Twenty-minute sessions, give you an introduction to the case studies and insights you need to make a difference for your business.



12:00 pm : CruzControl Technology (Ian Beason, Motor City Wash Works)

12:30 pm : Financing Your Car Wash (Matthew Bitar, Celtic Bank)

1:00 pm : Water & Chemicals: A Match Made in Car Wash Heaven (Paul Kalscheur, Doug Marquis, Sonny's, The CarWash Factory)

1:30 pm : VoiceWash - A New Car Wash Payment Experience (Alan Nawoj, Beacon Mobile)

3:00 pm : Choose the Best Car Wash Door for Your Application (John Hart, Sabrina Shrack, Airlift Doors)

3:30 pm : Wash Works University (Allie Belanger, Motor City Wash Works)

4:00 pm : Cut Costs without Compromising Quality (Robert Andre, Wes Taggart, Mike Berlin, Sonny's, The CarWash Factory)



      12:00 pm : Wash Works University (Allie Belanger, Motor City Wash Works)

      12:30 pm : The Power of Colored Lighting for Car Wash (Jason Baright, G&G Industrial Lighting)

      1:00 pm : Subscription Best Practices and Customer Lifetime Value (Austin Esecson, Rinsed)

      2:00 pm : How Many Products Does it Take to Wash a Car? (Ryan Molinelli, Qual Chem)

      2:30 pm : Controls Upgrade: New Years Resolution (Sonny's, The CarWash Factory)

      3:00 pm : What Color is Your Car Wash? (Steve Turney, Modernwash)

      3:30 pm : Unattended Payment Processing Solution for Self-Serve or Tunnel Car Washes (Layal Scheirich, MONEXgroup)

      4:00 pm : CruzControl Technology (Ian Beason, Motor City Wash Works)