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Tune in at The Car Wash Show!

We’ll be featuring interviews, show updates, booth visits and more, bringing the show to life. We will also offer four panels per day (Monday and Tuesday) with some of your favorite topics. Stay tuned for a full schedule of events you can catch in the studio.


Join us Monday and Tuesday at the CAR WASH Magazine Live studio to tune in for the day's biggest conversations.



10:30 am | Marketing Roundtable: Customer Reviews

Customer reviews, we love them and hate them. Join our marketing roundtable of Bethanee Martin, Jonathan Kierman and Sam Sousa for tips on the best way to handle reviews and how to make your customers rave about you! 


1:00 pm | TalkCarwash: The Value of Unlimited Wash Clubs

Wash clubs have taken most of the variability out of washing cars. Come and join TalkCarWash in discussing the value of the club model.


3:30 pm | Talent Management Roundtable: Finding Great Talent

Everyone is feeling the talent shortage today as they attempt to build a bench and hire staff. Hear from Shaun Noordgarden, Keith Wade and Jason Woodward on how they find and recruit great talent.



10:30 am | Marketing Roundtable: Branding

Join our marketing experts Alivia Gleason, Anne Mauler, Nick Rodia and Justin Young for a lively discussion on how to create a memorable brand for your wash.


1:00 pm | TalkCarwash: Creating the Total Car Wash Experience

Join this TalkCarWash discussion to brainstorm ways to differentiate your wash from your competition by thinking through the total car wash experience from your customer's perspective.


3:30 pm | Talent Management Roundtable: Career Pathing & Promotion

Showing your employees the path to promotion is a great retention and communication tool.  Hear from Rob Hetherington, Nick Lopez and John Sproul on how they created company career paths and se them to keep their employees trained and motivated.