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About WaterSavers

WaterSavers® is a recognition program from the International Carwash Association® designed to help professional car washes promote their environmentally responsible business practices.

It is open to all car washes meeting program criteria.

WaterSavers provides an easy-to-implement way to differentiate your businesses from other car washes.

Why participate?

As the general public becomes more focused on minimizing environmental impact through everyday actions, it is up to car wash professionals to educate consumers on the benefits of professional car washing. The WaterSavers program provides carwash professionals with an opportunity to demonstrate their leadership in this area while attracting customers and lowering costs.

How does the WaterSavers program work?

For just $40 a month ($480 a year), you gain unlimited access to professionally produced marketing collateral that can be easily incorporated into your current marketing messages. Participants receive access to signage, postcards, buttons, press-release samples and other materials the let your customers know washing their car at your car wash is the most environmentally responsible way to get their car washed. Once you purchase membership into the program, the WaterSavers materials can be used at all locations that meet the criteria for 12 months.

What are the criteria?

The following image explains the requirements each wash must meet to participate in the WaterSavers program. If you meet the criteria, join today!  Contact us at or (888)422-8422

Car Wash WaterSavers Program Criteria

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