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Insights From the Annual ICA Membership Meeting

May 17, 2019

Over the past year, if you were to look at the highlights of what ICA has been involved in, there has been a common theme: “They are all in the theme of bringing people together,” said ICA CEO Eric Wulf during the Annual Membership Meeting. And that is exactly what The Show did, as well. “This show is the largest in exhibitor size and attendance in ICA history.”

2019 Annual Membership Meeting Eric Wulf

Exciting, but not the only thing exciting in the car wash industry – especially lately. Have you heard about the new option on some Mercedes models? A car wash mode!  

If someone needs help and is facing an issue that could potentially affect others in the industry, ICA is right there, too. For example, a car wash in Tennessee was fined more than $2 million over sales tax issues. “It was a material threat to the whole state,” Wulf said. ICA helped raise nearly $200,000 through the formation of a Tennessee chapter to help with the sales tax legislation. In the end, the battle was won and express car wash models in Tennessee are now legally exempt from charging sales tax. 

Bill Floyd, president of AOCA, welcomed the crowd and summed up his thoughts on AOCA’s four years in partnership with ICA: “Based on the success of this show, oil and water do mix!” Jason Anthony, vice president of Western Carwash Association, introduced himself to everyone at the meeting, as well. 

The Annual Meeting is also when the new ICA President is introduced. Richard Enning, President of Mr. Wash will be leading ICA this year and bringing with him something no other ICA President has. “I am really proud to be the first European president of our association,” said the Essen, Gemany based Enning. 

Enning is excited about the opportunities available when the car wash community can come together and act as one. “We all face the same problems and issues, all over the world,” said Enning.

He pointed to the new car wash mode option for cars. While many users don't yet know how to activate it, it is an incredible first step for car washes and manufacturers. “The ice is broken,” said Enning. "Now, we just have to rally together to melt it. I ask everyone to put up a sign, ‘Activate your car wash mode.’ If they don’t have this mode or don’t know about it, that will spark them to ask car dealers and manufacturers about it.

That can activate an entire population of car wash ambassadors. “We can only create this kind of pressure as a group," Enning said. "The more we can partner around the world, the stronger we are.”

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