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Car Wash Industry Operatives Form N1 Buying Group

Sep 26, 2017
Several car wash industry leaders have launched N1 Buying Group, the first cooperative of its kind in the car wash industry.

N1 was created to provide value and improve profitability by leveraging the collective purchasing power of its members. Additionally, the N1 Buying Group establishes a platform of growth for suppliers, while facilitating a best practices forum for large operators and independent distributors in the car wash industry.

Founding members include Autobell Car Wash, Waterway Carwash, and Benny’s Car Wash in the operator division, as well as independent distributor Howco Inc.

“We have an extremely fractionalized industry with significant changes taking place, and there is no voice for independent distribution.” said Chuck Howard, CEO of Autobell. “So members and suppliers are joining forces to form N1 Buying Group to coalesce and increase our buying power and improve our respective profitability.”

N1 Buying Group is a membership organization governed by a board of directors and managed by the consulting firm Buying Group Services. The group will hold an annual meeting to provide networking and educational opportunities and further the organization’s goal of improving products and supply chain processes.

Financial benefits of membership include supplier rebates and the options of centralized negotiations on major product categories, improved payment terms, and central billing for improved invoicing and payment processing.

"For a supplier to have access to a forum wherein buyers operate with a common purpose is a tremendous opportunity for growth,” said John Gannon, General Manager of Howco Inc.  “The benefits to the supplier are clear:  security of payment, market intelligence, invitation to an expanded marketplace, and the reduction of sales, marketing and travel expenses.”

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