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SUPPLIER NEWS: Brushcom opens The Carwash test center, showroom

Jun 14, 2017
Brushcom recently opened The Carwash in Oss, The Netherlands.

The Carwash is the test center and showroom for the company, that will enable one of the car wash industry's leading innovators of cloth, foam and drying materials to continue to test and innovate new products.

Several innovations are currently being tested in the 150ft / 46m dual lane car wash, including:
  • New brush shapes and mixtures of foam and cloth
  • Eccentric wheel brushes with easy fix systems
  • MicroWash high pile woven wash/polish cloth with Velcro system
  • The new Hybrid+ topbrush, a cloth topbrush laminated on foam base material
  • MicroDry high pile woven drying material mixed with DryPolish cloth with Velcro system.
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