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SUPPLIER NEWS: D&S launches IQ Car Wash Systems website

Apr 26, 2017
D&S Car Wash Equipment Company has launched its new IQ® Car Wash Systems website. This unique website features a 3-layer system of information delivery about the IQ 2.0 In-Bay Automatic Car Wash System.

The front facing layer of information is for consumers and explains why the IQ 2.0 is truly “The Best Way to Wash” your vehicle. This new website offers today’s tech-savvy and eco-friendly consumers an easy way to learn about the benefits of using a car wash outfitted with an IQ Car Wash System, including the IQ’s consistent and safe cleaning using less water, power, and chemicals.

A detailed IQ locator map helps consumers find an IQ-equipped car wash closest to their location. And a short video allows consumers to view the IQ wash process in action.

The second layer of information is for prospective IQ owners and delivers the facts on why owning an IQ 2.0 is the Smarter, Cleaner, Greener decision available in the marketplace.

The third password-protected layer of information is for current IQ owners and includes special resources to keep IQ owners on top of the competition and tapped into all available opportunities to maximize profitability.

In addition, D&S has also announced the release of its new 20-page IQ 2.0 product catalog and planning guide. This new catalog is the most comprehensive and content-rich ever produced for the innovative IQ Car Wash System.

The IQ 2.0 is the latest generation of this revolutionary technology and design originally introduced in 2011. Lightweight construction, low cost of transport, ease of installation, simple preventive and corrective maintenance processes, and low-power electric motors driven by variable frequency drives offer car wash owners efficiency as well as durability.

“The IQ cleans better while consuming less,” said Jon Jansky, D&S President and CEO. “We build every machine with pride, and we build them to last. Our new website and collateral underscores our commitment to the IQ brand.”

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