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Washify unveils modern pay station for car wash industry

Mar 29, 2017

Washify, a company with a history of innovation, is unveiling a pay station that employs much of today’s advanced technology.  This technology has been proven to improve the overall point of sale experience and speed up transaction times.

Some of the enhanced technology deployed in the new pay station includes:

• Capacitive touch screen – Like most smart phones and tablets, this technology makes interactions faster and more accurate for customers.  One important use case is the ability to accurately capture signatures from people signing up for unlimited memberships.
• Adjustable screen height based on the car and drivers’ height and reach – Designed with a 22” diagonal screen, the customer controls the height of the interactions.  This eliminates two of the biggest bottle necks for car wash owners; people contorting themselves to reach the screen and getting out of their car because they can’t reach.
• Smart bank note recycler - The Washify pay station can make smart change based on the bills presented and constantly looks to optimize itself by using low value bills to make change rather than sending them all to a cashbox.   This technology equates to fewer staff interactions, less time counting lower value bills and reduces the chance of human error.
• Full Climate Control - The device also comes with its own HVAC system to reduce the internal humidity and extend the life of internal components.

“Giving our car wash customers the option to utilize all these pieces of technology in one device has been a dream of ours since we entered the pay station space years ago,” said Adam Korngold, Founder and CEO of Washify.   “When you have a pay station, it needs to be very user friendly, providing a pleasant interactive experience and require little intervention from your staff.  With the Washify pay station we have taken the input from hundreds of car wash owners and distilled their needs into this piece of hardware.”

About Washify
Washify Services LLC is one of the fastest growing POS hardware and software providers focused on the car wash industry. Started by a car wash owner and built to improve business for other car wash owners, Washify provides a POS system with a fully integrated marketing and hardware system. Washify is used by some of the largest car wash chains and by single site owners throughout North America.  For more information, please visit


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