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Aquarama, a leader in the field of car washing, has acquired the multinational Hypromat

Mar 22, 2017
Aquarama, headed by the family Bosio on March 7, 2017, concluded the important acquisition of Hypromat, Swiss franc multinational company operating on the Italian territory with 19 owned plants in the Car Washing industry.

The fallout of this acquisition is to be assessed positively in terms of employment, as there are not planned layoffs or mobility for human resources, for the group just acquired that strategic presence on the Italian territory.

The investment of Aquarama (from 10 years on the market), in fact, is in addition to those already made and in progress in Novello, in the province of Cuneo, where there are more than 110 employees and the various branches and offices abroad (Switzerland, Spain, South America).

Aquarama has also invested in other strategic companies upstream, such as Saet, in regards to the electronics, in line with their own quality policies being able to manage the production of the whole chain. The Bosio family is already looking more and more to deal in order to improve both the product and the services as well as the area of influence in the world.

Currently the group has over 180 employees and exports to over 40 countries. The acquisition was made through its subsidiary company Aquarama Gest, which deals with the management of car wash systems and allows the same to earn today's leading position in the domestic market. The acquisition has been assisted by the law firm Pedersoli of Milan, as well as by the financial Ersel and the tax firm Gianni hood.

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