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Flagstop Car Wash’s eight (8) locations acquired by management team

Jan 18, 2017
Flagstop Car Wash’s eight (8) locations in central Virginia have been acquired by RVA Wash Holdings Inc as of January 1, 2017.

Bob Schrum founded Flagstop Car Wash in 1981 as a car wash, gas station and convenience store. In the 90’s Flagstop started it’s growth streak under the management of Jamie Nester. With Schrum’s land development background and Nester’s operations and technical drive, Flagstop has grown to eight (8) locations including five (5) express exterior washes, three (3) full service washes, one (1) quick lube and twenty (20) bays of self service.

“We are thankful to Bob Schrum for resisting the temptation to sell to one of the large acquisition groups. When I started working for Flagstop in 1994 as a car wash attendant, Bob had always talked to me about his desire to leave the company to the folks that help make him successful. I am excited to see his dream realized and start the next phase of Flagstop’s growth” says Jamie Nester, Flagstop’s new President and CEO.

Schrum states “As I enter into my retirement years I couldn’t be happier to leave my company in the very capable hands of Jamie Nester, Craig Marable, Derek Haynes and Lauren Denny. These great leaders have over 50 years of combined service with Flagstop and are ready to take Flagstop Car Wash into the future.”

Craig Marable, Flagstop’s Chief Operating Officer, stated that Flagstop is planning four to six (4-6) new locations throughout central Virginia in the next five (5) years through new construction or acquisition.

About RVA Wash Holdings Inc DBA Flagstop Car Wash
Flagstop Car Wash is headquartered in Richmond, VA and operates eight (8) locations with a mix of full service, express exterior and self serve car washes with some sites also including complete detailing, pet washes and a quick lube. RVA Wash Holdings Inc is comprised of Jamie Nester as President/CEO, Craig Marable as Chief Operating Officer, Derek Haynes as Vice President of Operations and Lauren Denny as Chief Financial Officer. They can be reached for inquires at (804) RVA-WASH (782-9274).

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