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SUPPLIER NEWS: Your Wisconsin - Washworld

Dec 14, 2016

The next time you take your vehicle through the car wash, look at the logo on the machine. 
It might have been made locally, by Washworld. 
"We have got this company that produces equipment right out of Green Bay, Wisconsin, and there is a need for it in Russia, Taiwan, Tajikistan," said Rich Andreas, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Washworld. 
Car wash systems built by Washworld are keeping vehicles clean around the globe. 
"Car washing is continuing to evolve. Technology changes every day so it allows us to do things tomorrow that we could not do yesterday," he said. 
The founders set out to own and operate car washing systems, but they soon discovered a need for better equipment in the marketplace.
"We were using equipment manufactured locally and in other places in the United States, but it just did not fulfill the need we had as operators," Andreas said. 
The company shifted their focus to manufacturing touch free, and soft touch car wash systems.

"I think the construction of the equipment, how it measures vehicles so it can properly wash any size cars," said Andreas. 
It is technology embraced by both business owners, and drivers. 
"People are afraid. It can be an intimidating experience driving in," Andres said. 
Washworld wanted to eliminate the confusion for consumers and make using their system as simple as driving into your garage. According to Andreas, "All of our equipment does not have guide rails. Does not have anything in the bay that you have to drive over."
Growing sales allowed Washworld to build a 50,000 square foot facility in De Pere. 
"We have been in this building just over three years now, struggled at first even to fill it. Now, we're getting close to maxing out our manufacturing space," Andreas said. 
Washworld is currently doubling the amount of office space in the building to house roughly 60 employees and meet the needs of close to 90 distributors around the globe. 
"It has grown quite a bit. Taking a need that we had right here in Northeast Wisconsin, finding out that same need was in the US, Canada and abroad is pretty amazing" he said.

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