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New Lithuania Distributor for Washworld

Jun 28, 2016
Washworld, Inc. is proud to announce that they have recently added a new member to their European Distributor Network. ELCA Holding UAB, has its head office based in Vilnius, Lithuania with additional branch offices and operating partners in several other European countries.

While distributing Washworld equipment throughout the Baltic countries, ELCA has also launched an extensive investment program to include installation of up to 40 Washworld touch-free car wash systems within Lithuania. The first Washworld Razor touch-free unit will be installed by the early summer of 2016. To house the Razor units, ELCA has enlisted the leading Italian industrial design company Giugiaro to create the design concept for the wash sites.

In addition to distributing Washworld products, ELCA, through their online auction platform Exleasingcar, serves the vehicle re-marketing business across Europe; ELCA Holding UAB is involved in the used car retail, car rental and real estate markets.

Washworld, Inc. manufactures the Razor® and Revv® touch-free wash systems and the Profile soft-touch wash system. Systems’ features include Washworld’s Washview® which allows the operator to access and control the wash from anywhere in the world using a laptop, PC, smartphone or tablet with the optional Washview High Speed; and the VS2® Vehicle Sizing System, Washworld’s safe, simple and reliable positioning system. For more information visit Washworld’s website at

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