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FROM CARWASH MAGAZINE: Ask Champ provides customer loyalty program insight

May 17, 2016

Dear Champ-

I’ve been working on growing my customer loyalty program for a few years and I’m getting a pretty good response. Now that it’s up to a pretty decent size, what should I be thinking about next?

-Ed H., Georgia

I’ve got some recommended reading for you by one of my favorite authors … Dr. Seuss.

In his amazing book, The Lorax, Seuss shows us that when you’re in the business of … ahem … business, then you should never be focused on anything other than biggering and biggering and biggering. Grow at all costs. Therefore, just keep growing that list!

Actually, nevermind that. I just finished the book, and SPOILER ALERT growing that particular business at all costs didn’t turn out so well. The guy selling his products basically ruined the planet. What a downer.

What was the question again? Ah yes … now that you have a decent sized loyalty program, what should you be thinking about next? Easy … deepening the relationship you have with people in your program.

How, might you ask? There are lots of ways … loyalty program appreciation days, exclusive offers, special lines for your members, etc. But, you already know all of these things. Here’s something you might not know.

You’re sitting on a veritable forest of Truffula Trees in terms of your customer data. Or at least you should be. (If not, you need to start capturing that data ASAP!) Now that you have data, start using it.

Most email marketing programs worth their salt have options for you to send automated messages based on date filters and any number of other criteria. Start simple, with a well crafted message, sent on the anniversary date of their signing up for your program, or perhaps, a happy birthday message with a simple offer.

Over time, you can get more sophisticated in your messages. Perhaps a reminder that it’s been two weeks since they last washed their Chevy Malibu, or Audi Q5 or whichever model of car they own.

Just don’t take it too far … you don’t want to sound like a stalker.

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