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Airlift Doors introduces heat sealed polycarbonate

Mar 16, 2016
Thermal Heat Seals the Deal
There is no question that the moisture that gets trapped inside your polycarbonate doors can be an eye sore. It’s a problem that every car wash owner faces, yet to this point many door manufacturers have disregarded this issue. While moisture in the panels won’t affect your door’s performance, this process drastically improves appearance by reducing or eliminating moisture from getting inside. Why settle for doors that are not top quality? Airlift Doors doesn’t believe you should have to...

Improving quality...
The Alaska polycarbonate door is one of the best selling overhead doors in the industry. Why? Because, it has proven its value over the test of time. So why improve it? Airlift Doors has found a way to reduce the moisture build up in the polycarbonate panels by using a new procedure to seal the edges making it weather tight.
Since this technical improvement makes such a noticeable difference to the look and longevity of the door, Airlift has made it a standard feature on all polycarbonate door packages.

Why Heat Seal?
By using specialty equipment to heat seal the ends of the polycarbonate door sections, moisture build up in the panels is reduced as it creates a weather tight seal on the polycarbonate itself.

Making It Standard
By making this feature standard on all polycarbonate doors, Airlift Doors can offer the highest quality product to customers. With this capability, Airlift Doors is the first manufacturer to make this type of improvement. This new procedure is the best thing to happen to polycarbonate doors for years.

Leading the industry
Airlift Doors has been a leader in the door industry for over 30 years. Dedicated to customer service and producing the highest quality doors and openers, no one stands by their products and warranties like Airlift. This new upgrade to polycarbonate doors ensures you are only getting the best.

What is anodizing?
Anodizing changes the microscopic texture of the surface and changes the crystal structure of the metal near the surface. Anodized aluminum surfaces, for example, are harder than aluminum making them less likely to crack and peel from aging and wear.
Why do we do this?
• Increases resistance to corrosion and wear
• Protects the aluminum and keeps it looking new
• Colored anodizing adds detail to doors
While clear anodizing now comes standard on all Airlift’s Alaska polycarbonate doors, upgrades are available for colored anodizing. Adding color to your door panels can really make a difference in how the door looks. This option allows the doors to match buildings, and make them feel more inviting. There are many color options available, please contact us for more information.

Adding value...
Not only does Airlift Doors now offer heat sealed polycarbonate on all door packages, they take quality up a level by also including clear anodizing. This process increases the longevity of the aluminum panels on the door by making it more corrosion resistant. It also hardens the aluminum making it more durable and keeps it looking clean and new.
So why is this process so important? Airlift Doors knows that by making these improvements standard on any polycarbonate door package, they are providing customers with the highest quality doors in the industry. And our customers deserve it!

Our mission...
We take pride in the quality of our products and guarantee that no other manufacturer stands behind their products and warranties like we do.
All standard size doors and openers are guaranteed in stock with the shortest lead times in the industry. Experience matters. Call today for information on how Airlift Doors can help you.

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