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SUPPLIER NEWS: DRB Systems marks 4 million RFID FastPass tags issued to car wash customers

Dec 29, 2015

Tidal Wave Auto Spa, an innovator in the car wash industry, located in Peachtree City, Georgia, sold DRB Systems' 4 millionth FastPass® RFID Tag. Tidal Wave owner, Scott Blackstock, attributes more than 20 percent of his customer growth to the monthly pass program.

In 2006, DRB Systems, a leader in car wash software and hardware solutions, introduced the FastPass® Wireless Acceptance System.This system uses RFID technology to automate wash menu selections, payment options, and reduce lengthy wait times for frequent, on-the-go customers. The FastPass® system also provides car wash staffers the ability to focus on selling and customer service, both a big win in the eyes of a car wash owner.

Convenience and security are key, and like many subscriptions, this groundbreaking system allows recurring plan members to securely draft their fee from an electronic payment method of choice. Gene Goins, a frequent car wash customer, decided to join Tidal Wave’s unlimited monthly pass club and was honored to have purchased the 4 millionth FastPass® Tag from Tidal Wave. 

“With more than 4 million FastPass® tags issued, we are excited to be a part of our customers’ success and with the continued acceptance of the monthly pass program,” said Bonnie McMillan, VP of Sales and Marketing with DRB Systems.

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