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Aqua Bio Water Treatment Systems offer natural solutions to common problems

Feb 11, 2015
The Problem: Vehicle wash operators frequently struggle with unclean or odorous water, expensive maintenance due to the corrosive effects of ozone, and high water and sewer bills.

Aqua Bio Technologies, a leading manufacturer of biologic water treatment systems, offers a variety of solutions for these issues. Options include both underground systems for new construction and above-ground systems for retrofits.

Limitations of Reuse Systems
Many existing systems simply reuse water after letting solids settle to the bottom. Not only is this water full of chemicals and suspended solids from previous washes, it’s prone to developing a “rotten egg” odor as anaerobic bacteria in the water release hydrogen sulfide gas.

Limitations of Traditional Reclaim Systems
A reclaim system begins with a settling process similar to that of reuse systems. However, after the water is pumped out of the last settling tank, it goes through a filtration system to further remove solids down to the micron level. Next, it’s treated with ozone, UV, zinc, or copper oxide to reduce odor by killing the natural bacteria in the water. The water still contains most of the chemicals from previous washes as well as those used to reduce odor.

Benefits of Restoration Systems
In a restoration system, the water is pumped from a settling tank through hydrocyclones, which eliminate solids as small as five microns. Next, the water is aerated, a process that transforms anaerobic bacteria into aerobic bacteria. These aerobic bacteria consume chemical waste aggressively, which eliminates odor naturally (no additional chemicals). Finally, the water is pumped through a biologic chamber containing active aerobic bacteria, further reducing any chance of odor. Restored water can be used in all areas of the wash except for the spot-free and final rinse phases.

Advantages of Aqua Bio Solutions:
     ● Our Bio-Complete and Pro-Limited systems use no additional chemicals; instead,      they use aeration to encourage the natural bacteria in the water to consume waste        materials. This increases the number of ways in which the water can be used,                thereby further reducing water bills.
     ● Independent testing of water from our Bio-Complete system met EPA standards          for drinking water.
     ● Our Pro-Limited reclaim system removes solids down to five microns.
     ● Our Pro-Air odor control system can be used in conjunction with ozone systems to      completely remove odor.
     ● Our Pro-Rainwater harvest system collects and processes water from the roof            and/or parking lot, further reducing your water costs.

Nature knows how to deliver the clean water you need; we just help her along a bit. If you’re tired of dirty water, odors, expensive maintenance, and high water bills, call us today and speak with one of our water treatment specialists to see how we can help.

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