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PDQ Manufacturing, Inc., creates Access® AMTT N Series Retrofit Kit as direct replacement for Ryko® units

Nov 26, 2014
PDQ Manufacturing, Inc., an industry-leading manufacturer of in-bay automatic vehicle wash systems, is pleased to announce the availability of the Access® AMTT N Series Entry Station Retrofit Kit, which has been designed to be a direct replacement for the Ryko® AMTT Entry Station system.

The Access AMTT N Series Retrofit Kit is a full upgrade of the Ryko AMTT entry unit and comes with a full factory warranty. The retrofit kit uses the existing stainless-steel AMTT cabinet, cable runs, electrical and power connections and replaces the Ryko door panel and internal components with the bolt-on Access N Series installation assembly. The new door bolts directly to the existing hinge mount and comes preloaded with full-color graphics display, keypad, printer, communication board and card reader. A new electronics panel and speaker are also included, which bolt to the inside of the existing cabinet and post for simple, easy installation.

Upgrading to the Access AMTT N Series provides wash operators with the same innovative features and functionality as PDQ’s standard Access N Series entry units, including remote programming, day/time-based discounting, buy-ups, discount codes, fleet accounts, support of up to 16 wash packages through Extra Services, ad screens and pay-at-the-pump integration. The Access AMTT N Series upgrade also fully integrates with the WALS loyalty system, POS devices, and Cortex. Cortex will allow the operator to centralize the system’s data network and allow real-time reporting of all wash sales, activity and alert information.

The Access AMTT N Series entry unit is fully compliant with the PCI cardholder-security protocol and the following payment processors and gateways: EFS Net/First Data, Heartland Payment Systems, Plug ‘n Play, and ACI.

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