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Mark Thorsby inducted into Car Wash Hall of Fame

Apr 23, 2013

Mark Thorsby has been inducted into the Car Wash Hall of Fame by the International Carwash Association® (ICA). He receives this honor — the professional car wash industry’s highest honor — in recognition of his immense impact on the profession. The award was presented today by International Carwash Association President Mark Curtis at The Car Wash Show™ 2013 in Las Vegas.

Thorsby was named ICA’s executive director in 1994 and served as the chief executive for 15 years during a period of unprecedented growth for the industry, the association and the annual trade show.

During his tenure, Thorsby truly helped transformed the association and trade show. Thanks to his leadership, the annual event grew to be one of North America’s largest trade shows and the car wash industry’s most important event. He also brought his skills in supporting, developing and leading ICA’s Board of Directors and staff and reinvented the association’s governance and management practices. Thorsby was able to create a culture of partnership and collaboration that allowed ICA to chart new paths.

The International Carwash Association is proud to include Thorsby in the Car Wash Hall of Fame. “Many of us have our favorite Thorsby stories, and there simply isn’t enough time to share them all,” Curtis said. “But, my favorite story about Mark is the one that is still being written. That’s because his legacy is at this show and in our association. The people he has mentored, befriended, led and served — in other words, all of us — continue to benefit from his work.”

Additionally, ICA President Mark Curtis took time to recognize the passing of two car wash industry giants and Hall of Famers: Sonny Fazio, founder of Sonny’s Enterprises, and John Jurkens, founder of the Octopus Car Wash chain. 

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