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ICA WaterSavers® campaign raises awareness for car wash industry

Mar 11, 2013

WaterSavers has become the professional car wash industry’s largest and most successful consumer outreach program – ever. And we continue to work on several exciting initiatives on members' behalf.

First, an update on last year's PR efforts through WaterSavers. Last year's digital and traditional media outreach resulted in more than 185 million impressions. That means our WaterSavers message appeared in front of people 185 million times.

But how did we get there? Great question. You may or may not know that we ran two specific campaigns last year on behalf of WaterSavers members. We ran a Facebook advertising campaign, complete with custom landing tabs, as well as a blogger outreach and matte release in the Winter.


We had 146 WaterSavers car washes with Facebook pages and created 1,606 custom ad units to reach more than 26 million users on Facebook. More than 163 million times someone saw one of our ads, driving exposure to our message.

Beyond simple exposure, the campaign generated nearly 27,000 clicks, or 185 clicks per wash.

Blogger Outreach

We targeted a segment of bloggers referred to as "Mommy Bloggers" because we felt they were in the best position to influence the behavior of those consumers making the choice to wash their vehicles at a professional car wash.

We saw great success through this campaign, especially in the social environments. We added more than 180,000 impressions on Facebook and more than 273,000 on Twitter, with 27,308 contest entries. This was key to helping us get visibility in a social arena where peer recommendations and virality plays an important role in behavior.

Take a minute to hear a short clip about the blogger strategy in the video below.


Matte Release

Essentially a press release, our matte release campaign landed more than 23.7 million online impressions and more than 1.2 million print impressions, with placements in 955 online media outlets and 79 print outlets.

More than 1,200 car washes have joined with us to reach consumers and water regulators through public relations, digital media, advertising, consumer events and direct outreach to deliver a vitally important message for our industry: professional car washing is better for the planet than pavement washing.

Up Next

This year, we're continuing our efforts to drive consumer awareness with three additional blogger outreach campaigns, as well as three rounds of matte releases to news media outlets. Make sure you don't miss the opportunity to be included in the outreach by joining WaterSavers today.

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