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Executive Management Institute

Aug 7-12, 2022

Taught by executive education faculty, this immersive week of strategic business, financial, and leadership training connects an intimate group of car washers as they build a life-long network of like-minded professionals.


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Attracting and retaining top talent in your business is more important than ever to make sure you can spend time growing your business and creating outstanding experiences for your customers and not muddling through labor challenges. The ground-breaking new training for car wash managers helps reduce turnover, improve employee performance, attract more A-Players, and improves your bottom line.


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The award-winning CAR WASH Magazine™ is the preferred source of information for car wash business leaders. Published quarterly, ICA members receive all four printed issues each year.

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We're live every Thursday at 11:30 a.m. central to share ideas, tell stories, and bring people together through the power of storytelling. Join us!

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Our weekly podcast is your source for real stories and real business insights from the experts –  both in and out of the car wash industry. Our show helps investors, owners, operators and managers think about ways to enhance their business.

Car Wash Magazine Live
Car Wash Magazine Live

Episode 99

To Coupon, Or Not To Coupon: Intentionality in your Marketing

Episode 98

Ben Nemtin of the Buried Life
Car Wash Magazine
Recruiting and hiring nontraditional employees offers opportunities for businesses and workers alike
Statistics show that the LED lighting industry is seeing robust growth at washes
Deciding who will take the lead when you are ready to move on is one of your most important – and risky – decisions
Car Wash, The Podcast
Car Wash The Podcast
This week's podcast is another panel episode with CAR WASH Experts answering the question: To Coupon, Or Not To Coupon? We talk the who, how, where, what and why of intentional promotion and discounting, a few tips on retention and referrals, plus a few things you can do today to be better tomorrow.  Thanks to Nick Lopez from Bubble Bath Car Wash, and Nicholas Rodia from Sgt. Clean Car Wash, and Anne Mauler from Soapy Joe's Car Wash for your expert knowledge!