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ICA's New Strategic Plan

by Eric Wulf | Apr 26, 2016

On this page you will find the results of nearly two years of research, focus groups, interviews, business analysis and workshops: International Carwash Association’s new mission, vision, strategic goals and values & beliefs. Together, these components form ICA’s new strategic plan. We are sharing this information in order to inform the car wash industry about its association’s work and to invite feedback and dialouge within the car wash community. Going forward, progress reports will published in each quarterly edition of CAR WASH Magazine™.

The release of this strategic plan comes at an interesting time for the industry. Occurring alongside strong overall growth is also transformation. Multi-store operators and new-to-industry groups are aggressively acquiring and developing car wash locations, and new generations of owner-operators are taking leadership roles and setting fresh expectations. In an industry always interested in the latest new products, it’s worth noting that the who in our community is changing as quickly as the what.

In this context, it has never been more important for International Carwash Association to continue its own evolution. It was just a short time ago that ICA was primarily operating a single event in a single geographic market without a single full-time employee. Since then, the association has launched Car Wash Show Europe®, CAR WASH Magazine™, WaterSavers® and Splash!™, created new partnerships with the Automotive Oil Change Association and Western Carwash Association and established its first independent, full-time headquarters team. Like the industry, we have grown and transformed.

This new strategic plan reflects the belief that the professional car wash community will demand even more of International Carwash Association in the future – and that there is much work to be done now. Vehicle technologies pose increasing challenges, and the work underway to establish a new alliance with automotive manufacturers is a current priority. Reaching the car wash customer with positive car wash messages is as important as ever, and one that will receive more of our resources. Our work to develop new and stronger relationships with North American and European car wash associations has only just begun. And, while we have yet to complete our second edition of Car Wash Show Europe, we must also look to the horizon for the next opportunity to expand the professional car wash community.

The future for professional car washing appears exceptionally bright. We are honored to have served this industry for more than 60 years and inspired to support what this community achieves next. 

Click here to view International Carwash Association's new strategic plan.

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