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WaterSavers Results

Public Relations

WaterSavers continues to gain more than 100 million impressions each year through online advertising and blogger outreach campaigns.

This year, we focused our efforts on a blogger outreach and infographic release campaign, which was a slight departure from our traditional press release with photo campaigns of the past few years.

Also this year, we spent targetted advertising dollars during regional drought issues to help educate consumers in the Northeast and the Southeast United States.

See below for measurement presentations for each year of our WaterSavers campaigns.

2015 WaterSavers PR Measurement

WaterSavers 2015 Summer Media Buy Recap  Download
WaterSavers Spring 2015  Download

2014 WaterSavers PR Measurement

2014 ICA WaterSavers Recap_2-9-2015  Download
2014ICAWinter_Recap  Download

Regulator Outreach

We presented at the American Water Works Association's Annual Conference and Exposition on Model Car Wash Restrictions in Drought Conditions. Special thanks to ICA Chief Operating Officer Claire Darmanin, and Gary Hirsh and Denise Wight from Pur-Clean/Pur-Water for their recommendation and presentation on model drought restrictions.

Download the WaterSavers White Paper and share with your water regulators.

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