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Vehicle Technology

International Carwash Association (ICA) has announced a new initiative to address emerging vehicle technologies and their growing impact on car wash operators and drivers.

ICA is partnering with Schwartz Advisors, a California-based automotive consulting firm, to leverage its deep familiarity with the automotive design, manufacturing and aftermarket segments.

“The automotive industry is quickly becoming as much a technology industry as it is a provider of transportation,” said ICA CEO Eric Wulf. “Yet some of these new technologies are not ready for every situation a customer will experience with their vehicle – including, at times, car washes.”

According to Wulf, examples include collision avoidance systems that mistake common car wash equipment for road hazards, and computer-controlled transmissions that don’t allow a vehicle to roll on an everyday car wash conveyor.

“With our new partnership with Schwartz Advisors, we are committed to bridging the gap between drivers, car wash operators and the automotive industry,” he said.

ICA’s work will include surveying and studying car wash operators’ experiences with new vehicle technologies and creating an information library of manufacturer-recommended vehicle handling procedures for the car wash environment. Schwartz Advisors will also serve as an ongoing resource for car wash operators who have new vehicle technology issues, and will represent the professional car wash industry to the automotive industry.

“Our initial goal is to help car wash operators navigate this emerging landscape,” said Wulf. “And by cataloging and quantifying the issues being experienced at car washes, we hope to eventually improve automotive design and manufacturing for the benefit of our mutual customer – today’s drivers.”

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Vehicle Technology