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Choosing a Supplier

Choosing a supplier is an important component of your entrance into the car wash profession. The team you surround yourself with will depend upon the right fit for your specific situation.

Check out the list below to help understand some of the players who will be part of your supplier team.

Players on your supplier team

  • Primary equipment supplier

    The primary equipment supplier will be the company from whom you purchase the lion’s share of your equipment.  They should be able to provide conceptual layouts during site location due diligence, site specific equipment layouts including mechanical and electrical layouts for site plan approval and provide site preparation information like underground chase details, concrete details, conveyor pit plans, wall load plans and in-ground heat details prior to construction.
  • General contractor (GC)

    This is the company that will build the car wash.  A good car wash advisor can recommend an experienced GC from whom you should be able to get realistic prices.  Without experience, car wash buildings appear relatively easy to build.  With experience, the complexities of things like multiple underground chase ways, buried reclaim tanks and specialty concrete pours are known and considered in the take-off bid.
  • Realtor

    A quality realtor is underappreciated.  Realtors know the geographic area and the political landscape of the community like the back of their hand.  Engaging a good realtor is invaluable in terms of time and money savings as well as negotiation, since they have ready access to all comparables.  Moreover, your realtor should have access to demographic data bases that can assist you in profiling potential locations.
  • Specialty equipment suppliers

    This group includes a number of suppliers from whom you purchase specialty equipment such as water treatment systems, point of sales equipment, soft starter panels and vacuum systems.  This includes all required equipment that is compatible with your primary equipment.
  • Architect

    Your architect is a key team member.  Look for car wash experience.  A good car wash advisor can recommend an experienced architect from whom you should be able to get archive plans and detail cut sheets that will save you time and money.
  • Engineering firm

    A good local engineering firm can be engaged for a number of important tasks like site survey, feasibility studies, environmental reports, wetlands reports and soil reports.  Once again, a good car wash advisor should be able to recommend one.
  • Attorney

    We recommend that you use an attorney to review all legal documents to ensure you are making commitments that you intended.
  • Graphic design company

    Find a solid graphic design company that caters to small businesses and prices, accordingly.  You will need logos, signs, promotional material and other items that will require their assistance.
  • Equipment installer

    Your equipment installer should be a local car wash installation expert. This may be the same company as your car wash advisor or perhaps may be a recommendation from your primary equipment provider. Take care choosing well. A good installer makes life easy for you, whereas a bad installation can create problems now and in the future.
  • Banker

    Whether or not you secure a traditional loan, be sure to engage a local banker.  Establish a strong relationship for business transactions like daily deposits, lines of credit and zero balance sweep accounts.

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