As you undoubtedly already know, The Car Wash Show 2020 has been cancelled, and we’re ready with next steps for our exhibitors, including our full cancellation policy. Read on for commonly asked questions from other exhibitors, and thank you for your patience and support during this tumultuous time.

How are refunds being handled for Exhibit Space and Sponsorships?

ICA has completed its analysis of exhibit space and sponsorship refunds. The cancellation policy for The Car Wash Show 2020 is available here.

Will exhibitors be reimbursed for third-party arrangements?

Each exhibitor should review their own agreements with their vendors. ICA is available to consult if needed.

How will my Advance to Warehouse freight be returned?

If you have already shipped your freight, contact your carrier immediately to discover the status of your shipment(s). As of Tuesday, March 10, all attempted deliveries will be refused and returned to sender.

For shipments already in transit, contact the carrier and request the shipment be returned to sender or re-routed to the location of your choosing. Return to sender will be your most cost effective and efficient option.

For shipments already delivered to the Advance Freight Receiving Warehouse, arrangements need to be made to pick up shipments. Please contact your Customer Account Manager for more information. A Material Handling Agreement is required for each shipment being picked up from the warehouse. This allows us permission to release your shipment to your carrier when they arrive for pick up.

How do I get refunded for the services I ordered through The Expo Group?

The Expo Group has prepared several options regarding your current service orders and freight. CLICK HERE to review your options and contact your Customer Account Manager if you have any questions.

How do I get refunded for my lead retrieval purchase?

If you purchased lead retrieval through the Convention Data Services (CDS) provider, Xpress Leads, your lead retrieval order has already been approved for a refund and will be processed in 30-45 days. Numerous events have been cancelled, so please be patient with this process—cancelled events will be refunded in the order in which they occur, so a number of March events will be refunded first. If you have questions, call +1.800.746.9734 or email

How do I get my free attendee list?

Refer to your cancellation email for instructions on how to access your complimentary mailing list.

Will there be a lottery for The Car Wash Show 2021?

Yes! The Car Wash Show 2021 is still planned to occur. There’s a lot going on at the moment, so we’re allowing some space for exhibitors to focus on virtual events and alternative marketing methods. Keep an eye out for online (virtual) lottery information via an upcoming email.

I had big plans for my booth. How can I get the word out to operators?

ICA is planning an “online” version of The Car Wash Show for the week of April 13, and we’re also collecting virtual events and show specials that exhibitors were planning to unveil at The Car Wash Show. Visit to submit your event or show special.

I have other questions—who do I talk to?

Contact Carrie or Kim with any additional questions you may have:

Carrie North, ICA Director of Sales

Kim Vinciguerra, ICA VP of Events


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