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The “How” of Carwashing - Pro Tip: Get a Business Coach

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Despite the common misconception, business coaching is not psychological therapy. While counselors and therapists focus on the past to heal the wounds of the present, business coaches focus on the idealized view of the future and the intentional steps executives can take in that direction. At the top, performance differences are minimal; everyone is good at what they do. Like the best athletes in the world, executives need to fine tune every aspect of the managerial game. And, just like the athletes, you need a coach.

Here are four ways business coaching can help you:

Get an outside perspective.

Unlike friends and coworkers, a coach is outside your world looking in. This gives them the unique opportunity to see beyond the details and help you make better decisions. Coaching is the much-needed perspective managers and executives require to become the best they can be. Your coach will help draw out what is really important to you and create a plan to shape the direction in your life. They are not in it for their own gain, but rather to be on your team to see you succeed. Tipping points appear in life all the time, and a coach helps you to “tip” with intentionality toward your goals.

Coaching is the much-needed perspective managers and executives require to become the best they can be.

Develop a strategic plan and maximize potential.

Together with your coach, you will develop a plan with deliverables, outcomes and strategies. There is work involved, but coaches know when to push and when to step back in order to give individuals ownership of the future. Coaches give you the courage needed to try new things, make mistakes, and work with a deliberate plan to maximize your potential. You aren’t in this alone; your coach has your back.

Stay accountable.

A good coach strips away the lies that build in the business world and cuts right to the truth — even the uncomfortable truths no one else wants to say. While the coach is there to encourage you to honestly pursue the vision you want to create, they are not there to coddle you through it. They are not under a social obligation to tell you what you want to hear as a coworker, employee, friend or spouse would be. The coach is there to make sure you stick to the strategic plan and call you out when you don’t.

Invest in yourself.

Business coaching shouldn’t be free. A good coach will not give you a canned pep talk, and the personal strategies they are developing are an investment in you. So, be willing to make a big investment. Paying for it should hurt a little bit. The buy-in encourages you to follow through, and the results are better for it — you will be better for it. As you improve yourself through business coaching, you will see improvement in your productivity, company culture and financials. But most importantly, value yourself and your work enough to be the best you can be with a coach. Take the advice of Business Coach Jimmy Starnes: “Always invest in yourself because it’s something you’ll always have.” 

This article is an excerpt from a podcast recorded with Jimmie Starnes, president of Starnes and Associates. You can find out more information about Jimmie and his work with individuals and executives at To listen to the entire podcast, go to and listen to episode # 66.



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