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Take a Tour: Old Rock Car Wash

Join us as we visit some of the most unique car washes around the world.
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Year opened:

July 1, 2018

Number of Locations:



Our wash is a hybrid in-bay express wash with one pay station and three vacuum stations.


Autec. All of the car wash equipment came from them. They are local manufacturer, as I wanted to bring business to the community. I also hired a local general contractor to build the building, a local 16 year-old to mow the grass, a local company for snow removal, and local electricians.

Chemical supplier:

Perfecta Systems, Boston Gardner

No. of car washes annually:

In a town of just 1,600 there are more than 200 monthly pass holders. The location hasn’t yet celebrated its first full year of operation.

Environmentally friendly:

Two water reclaim systems to minimize fresh water use. We also sought out the most environmentally friendly chemicals.

Unique features:

The hybrid model we’re using is built around our customers and their wants and needs. We’re in a small town with a lot of historical significance and our business needed to stay true to what the community valued.

We use RFID technology so they can stay warm and comfortable when it gets cold here in Utah. We provide customers with tokens for the vacuums with a wash and have towels and spray available for the customers to clean the car interiors.  We tried to build a business built on the end user.

Other cool info to share:

Old Rock Car Wash is the first car wash to be architecturally designed in the style of an 1800s school house. In 1862, Brigham Young, an early pioneer to the state of Utah, dedicated The Old Rock School House on the lot where the wash sits. We have the original bell from that school on my lot as historic marker 13 in the state of Utah. Though the last time the bell was rung was the end of WWI. The original school house is now in Lagoon.

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