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Take a Tour - Lakewood, Colorado

Join us as we visit some of the most unique car washes around the world.
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Year opened:
January 2018

Lakewood, Colorado
(3 addtitional locations in Lakewood; Livingston, Texas; and Gun Barrel City, Texas)

Building size:
Tunnel Building is 140’ long and 40’ wide

Conveyor length:
135’ conveyor package

Equipment supplier:
Sonny’s Tunnel Equipment,
DRB Point of Sale and VacuTech vacuum system
Pur Clean reclaim system

Chemical supplier:
Simoniz (via Hi Performance)

Number of car washes annually:
Our new location in Lakewood (pictured here) is projected to wash between 150,000–180,000 annually once fully ramped up.

Unique features:
The building was constructed with Insulated Concrete Forms from NUDURA. This provides significant energy savings for enclosed areas as well as protects them from weather elements of Colorado. There is a separate building from the tunnel/equipment room/office/lobby which houses our vacuum producers, to cut down on noise in the neighborhood. We also provide a public bathroom and vending services.

A Plus Design Group

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