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Renovation Station - Bennett's Detailing

Detail shop facelift shows retail success comes down to the ... details

After more than 2 years operating in a former mechanics garage, Bennett’s Detail in Northeast Pennsylvania needed a little love.

Faded paint, concrete stained floors and a bounty of fluorescent lights were making the space feel dark and dingy. Not the right experience when you’re talking about cars.

The detailing business operates on the property of The CAR WASH on Hamlin Hwy. & DOG WASH Too which recently undertook an extensive renovation. The plan, according to partner Dave Edwards, was to convert the dark space into a spirited retail presence.

“We visited many detail shops and discovered that many were operating in an uninviting space and appeared to be a stepchild of-sorts to an over-all car wash facility,” Edwards said. “We thought we could take our property and double annual sales for the detailing business by improving the overall space.”

Randy Bennet, Owner of Bennett's Detailing, partnered with Edwards to enhance the space. The pair looked at auto dealership garages for inspiration and studied the operational movements and dwellings of each work station before sketching out a design for an automotive driven interior, combining form and function.

Highlights from the renovated space include:

  • Exposed pipes and conduit for a smooth industrial feel, yet each provides a function in the shop.
  • Overhead Central Vacuum system with colorful hoses and fittings.
  • Searching screws and bolts that you may find under the hood of a car to be exposed fasteners. We arrived at wood threaded cap screw and stainless steel torx screws.
  • 4' LED strip light fixtures throughout and located at different heights and angles in order achieve no shadows.
  • Trim and doors finished with a black rubber texted undercarriage paint.
  • Polished aluminum diamond plate wainscoting.
  • Vented loop and snap checkerboard floor allows water shedding from a car to drain through, minimizing puddles and preventing slips and falls.
  • A small waiting area inspired by parking lot tailgating with USB ports for charging and a flat screen TV.
  • Taking a page from the mechanic's shop of big red tool boxes, we were able to incorporate a cabinet system that provides storage for detailing supplies and tools, as well as serving as a customer service POS counter.
  • Front in action Detail Shop
  • Long View Detail Shop
  • Cross View Detail Shop
  • Details Detail Shop
  • Service Counter Detail Shop
  • Waiting Area Detail Shop
  • Front 2 Detail Shop
  • Bennetts Detailing
  • Bennets Detailing Thumbnail
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