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Mark Philipp worked for 35 years with Compaq, HP and Dell in the technology industry selling hardware across a large territory. But, after plenty of unpleasant experiences with the TSA and one too many overloaded planes, he decided it was time to make a change....

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Things are heating up in our company and I’m getting busier and busier. I’m starting to think about where I can start to shuffle my workload so I can get some ti me back. Do you have any advice for how I might know if outsourcing my marketing efforts makes sense? ...

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To increase each store’s performance in a competitive convenience store market, Dino Stop taps new technology from local car wash manufacturer...

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An LED luminaire, also known as an LED fixture, is used for illumination. At a car wash, LED lights can also act as beacons to attract more customers, provide a sense of security at night and enhance the customer experience with the use of color-changing light shows....

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For more than 20 years, Drive and Shine Car Wash has been adapting and evolving to create an amazing experience for customers....

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