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ICA Highlights Value of Customer Data in U.S. Car Wash Consumer Study

International Carwash Association has conducted research for more than 25 years to determine consumer attitudes and behaviors around professional car washing. The complete findings of the latest edition of the Car Wash Consumer Study are available in a variety of purchase packages, which for the first time ever include reports and data sets customized by wash type or region.

ICA has created a number of resources to help operators and suppliers leverage the findings of the study and begin thinking about how to utilize the data in their own operations and offerings. As Bob Klein, who led the research on behalf of Blue Chip Marketing Worldwide, said on CAR WASH Magazine Live, “How do we take this love affair in America—where 83% of consumers washed at a pro wash in the past year—and learn from each other on how to take this business to unprecedented levels in the future?”


These infographics highlight some of the most interesting and high-level findings from the study. They’re available for download now.


These videos from Bob Klein give a quick look at the top-level findings of the survey—and how to consider utilizing the data.


Bob Klein was also featured in a three-part episode of CAR WASH The Podcast. In this deep dive, David Begin and Bob Klein discuss different aspects of the 2019 ICA Consumer Study. Bob goes into detail about how the ICA Consumer Study was first created in 1996 and how the study has evolved over the years. Bob gives insights on the data that is useful to owners and operators and specific advice on what they can do to improve their operations.

Episodes can be heard online at, or accessed in the podcatcher of your choice.


  • Complete Package, $950 | The complete U.S. brochure, featuring detailed analysis of all findings from the research, plus the complete data set and breakdown of all research
  • Full U.S. Brochure: $450 | The full findings of the consumer study, featuring a detailed analysis of the entire research project
  • Report Package by Wash Type: $750 | A brochure analyzing the findings from the wash type of your choice, plus the data set for that wash type
  • Data by Region: $500 | The data report for the U.S. region of your choice

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