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Engage Effectively and Own Your Expertise

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For the 2nd annual Women’s Leadership Experience, International Carwash Association is partnering with Second City Works for an all-new communications workshop. There’s no audience in this improv-based workshop, just a collection of peers invested in helping each other grow and getting better at the things they do every day.

In the last two issues of CAR WASH News, we’ve told you about “Improve This” and “Breaking Through Bias,” the first two breakouts of the Women’s Leadership Experience program. But how will the session wrap everything up so you can take it home and make use of it in your daily life? Remember, this event is for the women of the car washing industry—and ANYONE who supports them, so if your interest is piqued, you’re welcome to attend.

Improvisers remain nimble by trusting what they know. The final activities of the workshop will help you do the same. By practicing what it’s like to be an expert speaker—sharing details while fielding questions—you’ll become more aware of your communication tendencies and build better habits for speaking and presenting confidently.

Improvisers get laughs by reading the room. The final sessions will also help you adjust your style to the people you’re speaking to so that you can truly connect and make people feel included.

Finally, you’ll practice turning tough conversations into positive ones. Learn skills for giving better feedback, making confrontations feel like collaboration, and creating environments that welcome communication.

There’s so much to learn about how improvisation connects with our work lives. Get inspired on the Second City Works blog, where you’ll see success stories from other organizations and industries who’ve leveraged active learning for skills building. Plus, get tips on common problems like onboarding new employees, leveraging storytelling in teambuilding, and training new managers.

If these sound like skills you want to build—and you love to laugh—visit and get registered, as this event is expected to sell out!


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