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Connected Cars – The Future of Car Washing

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If there was one Quick Hit that embodied what technology has in store for the future of car washes, it was Alan Nawoj’s discussion about “Connected Cars – The Future of Car Washing.”  

He touched on how some newer cars being manufactured have a car wash mode, but the owners don’t know how to put them into car wash mode. How reading vin numbers instead of license plates or member numbers can be a better option for your car wash and your clients. And, how technology can be a big help in growing and customizing your car wash to your clients and their cars. “Since we are a software company, we are working on machine learning algorithms,” said Nawoj. He said they can identify patterns in data to better serve customers. “We look at software as the glue” between the customer and the car wash. 


Julia Harry of Raceway Car Wash in Arizona said, “It was very informative. We would definitely consider the pilot program. We are always open to innovative ideas.” 

Brian Harlow of Economy Oil Change in Connecticut said, “He talked about stuff that’s necessary to move forward. You don’t want to be the guy coming in last.” 

Justin Kim of Bellflower Express in Georgia said, “It was a brilliant idea. It is a system that detects vin numbers. That was impressive to me, as it doesn’t have to pick up plate numbers and member pass numbers.”


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