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SUPPLIER NEWS: Blendco adds to list of patented tech with SuperClear water treatment technology

DuBois Chemicals, Ohio, parent company of Blendco Systems, announced that U.S. Patent No. 9,751,782 was awarded to Blendco Systems, PA, for their revolutionary filterless water treatment system, SuperClear®.

SuperClear® is a system that uses water treatment chemical technology to clean wastewater more completely, without the need for filters, which often result in systems being turned off. SuperClear® is a system that is less complicated and less expensive to operate than other treatment methods.

“The SuperClear® process is revolutionary and advantaged because it is simple, effective and easy to operate with results that equal systems costing tens of thousands more,” said Brent McCurdy, President of Blendco Systems and inventor of the SuperClear® process. “SuperClear® harnesses nature’s own way of cleaning and clarifying water, but uses chemistry to accelerate the normal process up to 1,000 times faster.”

How the system works:

The SuperClear® system is comprised of two cone shaped tanks. Dirty water enters into the reaction tank while simultaneously a proprietary blend of coagulants and flocculants are pumped into the tank.

The system allows time for the coagulants and flocculants to react to the dirty water, eventually causing them to drop to the bottom of the tank. Once the dirt settles to the bottom, the system automatically purges this dirt out of the system leaving a huge reservoir of clean, clear reusable water.

The clear water is then typically treated with a Blendco additive that removes the odor from the reuse water.  Once treated, the clean water is then automatically pumped into a storage tank to be pressurized and cycled back into the wash process.


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