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New and improved: Wash With WaterSavers

by Matt DeWolf | Jun 19, 2012

In my last post, I wrote to you about Wash Count™, our new benchmarking program that is free for International Carwash Association® members. (You can register and learn more at Today, I’m writing to share exciting news about our award-winning WaterSavers® program.

This week we launched the revamped Wash With WaterSavers consumer website. In addition to a fresh look, the site includes an enhanced car wash search function and a customized landing page for every participating location. With more than 1,000 locations enrolled in the program, this site has become the place for consumers to find environmentally responsible car washes.

Also, later this summer WaterSavers will be moving further into the world of Facebook. Every participating location will benefit from customized Facebook ads that are targeted to consumers in its geographic area. Also, every participating company will be receiving access to our new Facebook app, a tab from your company’s Facebook Page that tells the WaterSavers story of water conservation and pollution prevention.

For only $129 per year, operators can align their businesses with a recognized, credible brand. WaterSavers is a convenient way to promote and build business. Be sure to see the article in the upcoming issue of CAR WASH Magazine™about our newest consumer research, which shows that the WaterSaversmessage is particularly resonant with the most loyal car wash customers.

Next week, I’ll be writing to you about three new networking and educational opportunities we’re making available to operators and vendors. Until then, please feel free to reach out with your comments or questions. Thanks again for your support.


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