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International Carwash Association


MISSION (Why we exist)

International Carwash Association exists to support the car wash industry and strengthen our community of retailers and suppliers.

(What we aim to accomplish)

International Carwash Association will be a vital contributor to the growth and success of the professional car wash industry around the world.

(Our path toward realizing our vision)

I. Events
Produce the best events for car wash professionals.

  • Provide excellent opportunities for learning, networking and commerce.
  • Offer a broad array of events, from trade shows to conferences to networking and social activities.

II. Association Partnerships
Support the work of partner associations.

  • Seek association collaboration in event production or membership benefits.
  • Coordinate the delivery of major projects (e.g. research or advocacy) with association partners for maximum industry impact.

III. Advocacy
Represent the interests of professional car washing.

  • Promote professional car washing to consumers, in a targeted fashion.
  • Educate water regulators about the benefits and characteristics of professional car washing.
  • Represent the industry’s interest to the automotive industry, particularly in the area of “washability.”

IV. Research
Produce important industry information.

  • Produce information on the status of the industry.
  • Produce research on consumer attitudes and behaviors.
  • Produce information on the current state and future trends in automobile design and technologies.

V. Resources
Manage ICA’s resources effectively.

  • Capitalize on our core competency to generate positive cash flow from operations to fund our strategic goals.
  • Maintain high-performing staff and governance teams.

(What we stand for and how we’ll conduct ourselves)

  1. The professional car wash industry deserves ICA’s best. Therefore, ICA will always pursue excellence and act with integrity.
  2. ICA serves a diverse stakeholder base, with interests that sometimes conflict. Therefore, ICA values feedback and considers a variety of opinions.
  3. ICA serves an evolving industry with a proud history. Therefore, ICA values the lessons of the past while remaining oriented toward the future.
  4. ICA serves an increasingly interconnected and global industry. Therefore, ICA values opportunities to serve and connect car wash professionals around the world.
  5. Car wash operators are ICA’s core constituency. ICA best serves the industry by focusing on the success of car wash retailers.
  6. Car wash suppliers are vital partners to both car wash operators and ICA. ICA primarily serves the supplier segment by providing platforms for promotion and commerce.
  7. ICA serves the professional car wash community broadly defined: including our members, other associations’ members and nonmembers.
  8. ICA is in the business of supporting the car wash business. In our role as the industry’s steward, all funds in excess of reasonable reserve should be applied toward supporting ICA’s mission.
  9. ICA’s most important asset is its human capital. Maintaining effective governance and staff teams is vital to achieving its vision.
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