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Solar power adds another eco-friendly element to Prime Shine’s 15th California car wash

Oct 01, 2014
From its inception, Prime Shine Car Wash has been leader within its industry in conserving and recycling water. The company’s 15th location adds solar power to that equation, underscoring its commitment to eco-friendly business practices.

The solar panels are expected to generate enough electricity to offset an estimated 20% of the car wash’s power needs. The panels are housed atop pavilions covering 28 free vacuum stations in the spacious parking lot.

The new facility opened Sept. 19 and is the second for the company in Turlock. It is across the street from California State University, Stanislaus.

Prime Shine, already California’s largest professional car wash company, plans to open a 16th location by the end of the year. All the facilities are in Stanislaus, San Joaquin and Merced counties in the heart of the Central Valley.

Prime Shine President Evan Porges said he is “thrilled” with the new car wash. The 60,000-square-foot site is the company’s largest and the first to incorporate solar power – an important addition for Porges.

“This location has been built with one our key vision elements in mind -- grow our sustainable eco-business practices,” he said. “We have taken all steps available to save water and power while at the same time providing the high-quality product that customers have become accustomed to receiving at all Prime Shines.”

Prime Shine long has been at the vanguard of environmental responsibility in the car wash industry. It was founded in 1991 on the principal of saving money, time and water.

Well before the current California drought, Prime Shine introduced water conservation systems that have saved millions of gallons of water, while continuing to provide its customers with a high-quality, quick and value-priced option to wash vehicles.

In addition to the 94-kilowatt solar plant, the new Turlock facility will save power thanks to low-energy LED lighting, variable speed frequency drives on all electric motors and numerous skylights. It meets all California green building codes.

It features all the same water recycling and filtration systems for maximum water efficiency. Prime Shine recycles and reuses about 95% percent of all fresh water applied to each vehicle.

The site is beautifully landscaped and has a drip irrigation system to further reduce water use.

The latest in belt technology guarantees a smooth ride through the wash tunnel for each vehicle in less than three minutes.

“Customers can feel good that they are using a business that has taken all steps possible to be eco-business friendly and a good steward of our community’s resources,” Porges said.

Sharon Silva, CEO of the Turlock Chamber of Commerce, complimented Prime Shine for setting an example other businesses can follow.

“Turlock recognizes and is proud to have such an outstanding business as Prime Shine in our community,” she said. “They serve the community in many different ways, through their support of other business and their contribution to events and social service needs. They are outstanding in their commitments to eco-friendly business practices.”

About Prime Shine Car Wash 
Prime Shine Car Wash was established in 1991 in Modesto with a simple goal: To change how people think about washing their cars. It has since grown into California’s largest independently owned operator with 15 locations and 145 employees in Stanislaus, San Joaquin and Merced counties.

Prime Shine offers an affordable, high-quality wash using state-of-the-art water conservation systems. It has saved millions of gallons of fresh water compared to washing at home, and recycles and reuses almost all its fresh water. Prime Shine is proud to be the only member of the International Carwash Association’s WaterSavers environmental certification program in the Northern San Joaquin Valley.

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