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Vehicle Incident Reporting


On behalf of car wash members and their customers, International Carwash Association facilitates a vehicle incident reporting program. From the data gathered by this program, at over 300 car wash locations washing more than 20 million cars per year, we know that car wash incidents are nearly non-existent - more than 99.9% of vehicles are washed without incident.

But, because car wash operators are continually looking to improve results for their customers, we allow incidents to be reported into this program. This is particularly helpful in identifying automobile design or manufacturing issues, as well as after-market parts that are especially prone to problems.

Obtaining and Sharing Data
  • If you are a car wash operator that would like to report an incident, please complete this form:

CLICK HERE to report a vehicle incident

CLICK HERE to view the reports we've received

  • Car wash operators can request to join ICA’s Vehicle Incident Reporting Group on LinkedIn in order to discuss vehicle related issues.
  • If you are already a member and would like to obtain more information, please contact Director of Membership Megan Clark at


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