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Auto OEM Guidelines

The following are a collection of some automobile manufacturer recommendations for vehicle handling in the car wash environment

The information displayed is provided by manufacturers or derived from their websites.  ICA has not independently verified the information.  Manufacturers may have changed their information without notice to ICA.  Car customization may also make the information inapplicable to a specific car.  THE USER AGREES TO HOLD ICA AND ITS AGENTS HARMLESS FROM ANY DAMAGES ARISING FROM THE USE OF THIS INFORMATION.

BestRide Poster  Download
2015 BMW 740i Sedan - Automatic Hold Braking  Download
Special Needs Vehicles Summary - 2015This document includes vehicle handling considerations for several 2015 model vehicles. Download
Volvo v40 Adaptive Cruise Deactivation  Download
2013 Subaru Eyesight System (Adaptive Cruise)  Download
2016 Honda Pilot Car Wash Mode  Download
2014 Lincoln MKZ  Download
2015 Acura TLX Car Wash Mode  Download

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