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Wash Talks

Throughout the entire event, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from the best and the brightest in the industry. With plenty of topics to choose from over the 24 hours, you will leave Splash! feeling invigorated and with actionable items you can take right back with you to your wash.

Check out the list of tentative Wash Talk topics below! Please note, speakers and topics are subject to change.

  • Converting an In-Bay to an Express Mini Tunnel
    Presented by Chris Miller - American Carwash Equipment Solutions

  • The 48-Hour Clean Car Guarantee
    Presented by Chuck Lundberg, Clean and Green Car Wash

  • Water vs. Solvent Tire Dressing
    Presented by Nick Quartz and Scott Oster, Warsaw Chemical

  • Adding Profit Centers to Your Wash
    Presented by Keith Caldwell, All Paws Pet Wash

  • The Untapped Potential of Underbody Care
    Presented by Rob Davis and Katie Balash, Vaughan Industries

  • What Could the Car Wash of the Future Look Like?
    Presented by Jimmy Starnes, Wash Me Fast

  • What's a Dollar Really Worth?
    Presented by Jim Cadotte, All American Super Carwash

  • How to Handle Competition Entering Your Market
    Presented by David Begin, Wild Blue Car Wash
  • How to Build a Menu to Boost Your Revenue
    Presented by Chelsea Beyer, Zep Vehicle Care

  • Automating the Labor Process To Reduce Car Wash Costs
    Presented by Bryan Hage, Sonny's Enterprises Inc.

  • Using Remote Devices in Car Wash Control
    Presented by Scott Fausneaucht, Guardian Wash Command / Tommy Car Wash Systems

  • Five Ways to Raise Revenue
    Presented by Robert Andre, Sonny's Enterprises Inc.

  • Are Your Vacs Turning Customers Away?
    Presented by Bob Schaefer, AVW Equipment

  • Keep Your Self-Serve Competitive
    Presented by Heath Pomerantz, Diamond Shine

  • Preparing Your Car Wash For Sale
    Presented by Aaron Green, Focused Car Wash Solutions

  • Hiring the Best People for Your Wash
    Presented by Shaun Nordgaarden, Waterway Carwash
  • Added Services and "Buy Ups" for Your In-Bay Automatic
    Presented by Stephen Wade, Oasis Car Wash Systems

  • Using Automation to Increase Profits
    Presented by Rich Belanger, Motor City Wash Works

  • Why Mike's Car Wash Went Mobile
    Presented by Dan Slavin, Thanx

  • Are In-Bay Rollovers a Thing of the Past?
    Presented by Scott Horner, Terrible Herbst

  • Financing Options for Car Wash Owners
    Presented by Reuven Binkrant, Petro Cal Associates

  • Training Your Staff to Create the Ultimate Customer Experiences
    Presented by Pedro Briceno, Autobell

  • How to Create a Dynamic Sales Culture
    Presented by Hank Richard, Simoniz
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