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An International Carwash Association event.
Produced in partnership with BBRV, BOVAG and BTG.

 18 & 19 September 2019 @ DE KROMHOUTHAL AMSTERDAM

Car Wash Show Europe

We are ready, are you?

Oct 03, 2015

With over 1.500 industry experts registered for the show, we are bursting with excitement and cannot wait for Monday to be here, and welcome our visitors and exhibitors to Car Wash Show Europe.

For a first time event in Europe, we ourselves are impressed with the demand by exhibitors and visitors. Reactions to Car Wash Show Europe have been remarkable:

With 89 exhibitors confirming their place in the exhibition hall, plus 7 car wash associations from all over the world, all the industry will be in one hall, filled with energy and new products, covering over 7.500 square meters of exhibit space.

We already registered over 1.500 industry experts at the show. Today’s demographics show that we will welcome visitors from 69 countries covering 5 continents. We will have a truly global event!

On-line registrations close Sunday, 04 October at 12:00 hours, CET time. To view the onsite pricing, in case you did not purchase your ticket before your arrival, you may check our website here.

If you purchased a car wash tour ticket, for Sunday 04 October, the buses will depart from RAI exhibition centre (Amtrium entrance). Lunch is not included. The tour includes visits to; Bob Autowas, CarwashPlus, iClean, Loogman. The tour ends at 17.00 at Bob Autowas, with a BBQ and party afterwards. We will return to the RAI Exhibition Centre at 21.00.

Monday Evening Welcome Reception Venue: Het Sieraad 
Address: Postjesweg 1, 1057 DT, Amsterdam.
Departure time: 18:30 from the RAI Exhibition Centre
(You must have an All-Access pass or purchase a ticket to attend)
The programme for the evening will include an official welcome, musical performances, a live DJ and more fun activities to keep you entertaine
d whilst networking with car wash operators, vendors and industry experts.

Designed for car wash entrepreneurs like you!

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