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An International Carwash Association event.
Produced in partnership with BBRV, BOVAG and BTG.

 18 & 19 September 2019 @ DE KROMHOUTHAL AMSTERDAM

Car Wash Show Europe

The largest stand at Car Wash Show Europe: ACE-Holz-Peco

Sep 15, 2015

During this first edition of Car Wash Show Europe in Amsterdam, the companies ACE – Holz – Peco will together, have a prominent location in the centre of the exhibition hall, covering an area of 540 meters squared (5800 sq.ft). This is by far the largest stand at the show.

At their stand, you will see two full tunnels.

The first tunnel will be the express tunnel of Holz - Germany, in the normal module sequence as you will find it at a real car wash. And of course, their special high pressure pre-wash modules will also be on display at the show. This tunnel would normally be installed on a 50 meter (165 feet) conveyor length. However, for the purpose of the show, the open areas in the tunnel will be taken out for the show, like the soaking area and the dripping area, so that it fits into 30 meters (100 feet) length.

The second tunnel will be the unique polish tunnel of Peco – USA. This marvellous polish tunnel is 20 meters long (65 feet) and brings an unseen shiny effect to your car. With special soft brushes the manual sprayed polishwax will be rubbed in for the ultimate protection and the smoothest surface area you have ever experienced.

To complete the presentation at the show, ACE Carwash Systems will showcase their interior flat belt conveyor. On such a flat belt of 45 meters (150 feet) there are 5 stations where the car is cleaned from the inside, and include; carpets, windows, dashboard, door opening and vacuuming. At the booth, a 4 x 10 meter (13 x 33 feet) belt will be shown with the equipment of the different stations. ACE will also show some novelties like the Lava Intensive Arch and the Digital Entrance Arch.

The large stand is designed in line with the Car Wash Show Europe concept: paying attention to every detail, angle and offering an experience to the viewers.

Designed for car wash entrepreneurs like you!

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